Romey Sylvester, MSC Counselling and Psychotherapy MBACP(Reg), UKCP.
Romey Sylvester,  MSC Counselling and Psychotherapy MBACP(Reg), UKCP.

Couples Counselling

Resolving problems with couples counselling in Brentwood

Relationship difficulties are increasingly bringing couples into counselling.  This can be for many different reasons, but common themes are the break down of communication, or difficulty in resolving serious issues. Other reasons are couples feeling increasingly isolated from each other, sometimes because of issues such as mental illness, long term illness, or debt.  Sometimes it is about infidelity or baggage from previous relationships. Counselling is really important for helping clients talk through what is happening between them.


Transactional Analysis is a very strong model for working with couples because its rooted in theory about how we relate to each other, which means that it provides tools and models to help people reflect on and understand what is happening between them.  They have the opportunity to see the negative patterns they have become stuck in.  All of this means that couples can understand themselves and their partner better, and then hopefully make decisions going forwards that work better for both of them. 


I welcome all couples and family groups.  

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